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GenX GenY GenZ Dotcom Recent Posts

GenX GenY GenZ Recent Posts

Friday, January 1, 2016

Ziilion Thanks To You My iFriends and My Bragging Rights 2016

This is the last article that I will publish here at Blogspot as all my future articles will be published at


It is time of the year again for me to present to you another article on my Bragging Rights :)

This article has three main parts to it:

The First Part is to thank all my readers, especially to those who have constantly showed appreciation for my FREE work by taking the trouble to post words of appreciation at Low Yat Net Forum, Facebook and my blogs at Blogspot.

The Second Part is about my credit cards of course, hahaha.

And the Third Part is that I will get to “shiok sendiri” and brag to you, hahahahahaha.


Back in 2013, I published an article titled Zillion Thanks For Your Support thanking my readers for their support when I was down and damn pissed off with google for deleting my GenXGenYGenX Blogspot. If not for my supporters back in 2013 (where many Liked my Facebook to indicate that they benefited from my articles and wanted me to continue blogging)  and words of encouragement by many of them, I would have stopped blogging years ago and this dotcom website would not exist today.

My blog is targeted at those who are educated and willing to read my freaking long articles in full as I will provide comprehensive information (and sometimes contrary) to make you think, show you insights and intrigue your powerful mind so that you can come up with what is best for you. Usually for articles relating to credit cards, I may produce in-depth analysis so that you have a clearer picture. And if I am in a good mood, I may even produce freaking long articles to address question(s) by my readers.

If you are looking to be spoon fed with point form format and have no interest in reading my articles, you have stumbled upon the wrong place, hahaha. And please don't message me at Facebook if you have only read one or two of my articles – go do a search first, e.g. go google “GenX GenY GenZ – Citibank Cash Back Review” OR “GenX Best Entry Level Credit Card in Malaysia”

Now, my articles are FREE for your benefit, so don't expect them to be top notch quality. Actually, occasionally you will find errors and mistakes. And many of you have taken the trouble to point out these said errors/typos/mistakes which I truly appreciate; because then only accurate information are shared with others for their benefit.

Coming back to my supporters, I would like to thank each and everyone of you again who have done the following:

1. Signed up as a follower at my blogs;
2. Like me at Facebook;
3. Sent me kind words of support via Comments/Message at Facebook or via post/PM at LYN;
4. Posted/commented kind words appreciating my work at Facebook and LYN;
5. Like me at my Wordpress blog; and
6. Provided links to my articles instead of copying and pasting my work into your blog/website (I am sad to find occasionally my work is copied by others or my images posted without my consent).

And to each and everyone of you who have done the above, I consider you my iFriend :)

As you are now aware, I am going to stop blogging at GenerationsXYZ Blogspot. But I would like to thank the following Bloggers for signing up as Followers over the last 3 years:

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Today I have more than 3.8K Facebook Likes and I don't even know nor have I met 99.9% of you who have Liked me. As such, your Like is a very sincere action.

Many of you have taken the trouble to thank me, correcting the numerous mistakes in my articles, coming to my assistance whenever I asked for help at Facebook, posting greetings and wishes at Facebook, and, last but not least, consistently posting kind words that make my day :) Below are some of the comments or testimonials which I truly appreciate:

Thanks to each and every one of you who have visited this blog and had to put up with the bombarding ads. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Secret to Eternal Happiness - Compilations of My Posts Relating To Life

Please do not reproduce/reprint/copy and paste this article in whole or part in any form. 

Many of you have thanked me for my articles which have provided insights as to how you can save/earn some pocket money. In my all my articles there are coded messages for you to decipher; and in one of them, I indicated that all of you (except maybe a minority few of you who are currently students) fall into the category of the 50% richest human beings on earth since you are all educated. Actually, I have even showed that many of you are already (or will be by the time you retire if you do not stupidly burn your money on gambling/gaming and drugs) in the category of the top 10% wealthiest human beings on earth. And if you own a bungalow in Klang Valley or Penang Island, most likely you you can be classified as among the top 1% wealthiest person on earth!

Sad to say, whatever pocket money you earn/save from reading my articles relating to credit cards will be insignificant in due time as they will not contribute to your long term happiness.

Having said the above, those of you who have been brainwashed by me to spend your children future inheritance on holidays with your loved ones and/or get to fly Business Class for FREE from you credit cards usages will be most grateful to me when you are old and lonely.

I have decided to compile all my posting relating to Life published in my A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That series in a single post; as such this post was created.

Before you proceed to read the contents below, I must warn you not to waste your time; and those of you without any sense of humor may find it to be offensive, too. Only proceed if you are really kiasu, freaking free, got nothing better to do and have an equally sick imagination like me........... Contents Rated XXXXXXXXX - not for general public consumption, only for penyibuks (busybodies) and people who has an equally sick imagination like me.......... And, yes, feel free to click on the links :)

The contents below were first published on 15th Dec 2013 at my article titled AGAIN - A Little Bit Of This and ALittle Bit Of That – Volume I, Chapter II.

LIFE (oh boy, here I go again) AND AFTER LIFE - HEAVEN OR HELL

Sometime ago, I mentioned that I have been thinking about what is life again. Previously I said Life is all about Eating, Shitting and Sleeping. Anything else we do is just to seek temporary happiness.

Many do not find happiness on planet earth and die unhappy. Some seek meditation to find peace. In my case, I can enter into my sick imaginary realm anytime of the day.

However, I need to be out of my sick imaginary realm most of the time to eat and shit and to satisfy my desire for unlimited real taste of temporary happiness (a.k.a. "shiok sendiri").

Click to to my main blog to continue reading the rest of this article.

Compiled by GenX (click here for my online profile)

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Click here to read my article Grandparents Parents Children

Click here to read my article - Life - What's It All About

Click here to read my article Children Education Path

And click here to my Life Page where I have listed more articles related to Life.

Click here to read my latest fiction novel Earn Free Gold Bars With Your Credit Cards. This article was written to benefit Fixed Deposit Fans and Credit Cards Users.

Click here to read My Bragging Rights and My Credit Cards Collection 2015. Plus you get to see my collection of Premier, Priority and Privielge Banking Cards.

Click here to read My Braging Rights and see My Credit Cards Collection as of 1st January 2014

If you have attained the level of "chiak bui liow" (abundant wealth), click here and read my article title Spending Children Future Inheritance and I trust you will thank me later in your life for the fond memories when you are old and weak.

Click here to read my article My Joy and Pride Who Also Makes Me Poorer By The Day. In this article I touched on my children Education and that I have a new bragging right that is hard to come by.
Investing For Your Retirements Years - This article was initially published at my Ringgit Wise Fool blog but revised to a shorter version for this blog.

Click here to read my article Spending My Children Future Inheritance So That They Will Remember Me As A Generous and Loving Dad. In this article I mentioned why I bought another Prada Small Bag with Strap for my daughter and a Gaming Notebook for my son.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Best Credit Cards To Earn AirAsia Big Points

Another Exclusive Annual Production by GenX GenY GenZ
Please DO NOT reproduce/reprint/copy and paste this article in full or part in any form.


Nowadays we get really pathetic returns from our credit card usages. If we can get 1% cash back (or equivalent when redeeming for cash vouchers) from all our credit cards transactions, that’s considered very good

In many of my previous articles I have taught you guys that we get better returns, i.e. equivalent to more than 10% cash back, when we use our credit card reward points to redeem for Enrich Miles and then use the Enrich Miles to redeem for Business Class ticket(s) with Malaysia Airlines. That is if you have the right credit card(s) – Maybank 2 Cards Premier, AmBank World MasterCard/Visa Infinite, Alliance Bank Visa Infinite and UOB Visa Infinite where you can earn 5X Reward Points.

And on many instances I have shown you that it is not worthwhile to redeem for Enrich Miles with our credit card reward points and then go redeem FOR ECONOMY CLASS ticket because you may be better off simply redeeming the credit card reward points for cash vouchers.

If you are new to my blog and new to credit cards, I suggest that you click here and take my FREE Credit Card Tutorial before proceeding to read any further. Some of the contents may be outdated but you will get a complete idea as to how you can benefit from credit cards. After completing the course, you'll be an expert on credit cards.

And for those  who have been using credit cards for years and have been using your reward points to redeem for cash vouchers (and getting something like 1% cash back or less), well, if you want more than 10% “cash back” from your credit card usages - click here and read my Comprehensive Tutorial On The BestCredit Cards to Earn FREE Business Class Tickets with Malaysia Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and many other airlines.

So far I have redeemed more than RM100K worth of Business Class tickets with Malaysia Airlines using Enrich Miles earned from my credit card transactions. Click the links below to read about them:

My USA Trip 2013 - My son flew back on Business Class from USA to KL whereas I suffered in silence in Economy Class. 

My Son Is Going to USA onBusiness Class Again. 

My Paris, London and New York Trip 2014 - my wife and I flew to Europe and back to KL on Business Class.

A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That - Volume I, Chapter V - I redeemed Business Class tickets for my dad, mum and son and upgraded my sister and daughter to Business Class to/from Europe. In this article, I will also show you that you can get a return Business Class ticket KL/Melbourne for less than RM3K!

My London Trip 2015 - I flew to London once again on Business Class for FREE! 

Many people have asked my opinion on which credit card is the best for earning AirAsia Big Points.

Well, I don’t really know and actually don’t care because to me AirAsia Big Points are useless. You see, I have flown to Melbourne more than 12 times with AirAsia but I have less than 5000 Big Points in my account! I tell you, I have earned more Enrich Miles from using my Maybank 2 Cards AMEX Reserve to pay for the AirAsia tickets!

I am only interested in accumulating Enrich Miles to redeem for FREE Business Class tickets to Europe and won’t use them to redeem for flights that are 8 hours or less (KL/Melbourne). This is why:

KL/Europe with Malaysia Airlines minimum 12 hours direct – we will be served food 2 hours after departure and 2-3 hours before landing. This means, in between we get to sleep about 8 hours straight on the Business Class Flat Bed (best if it’s Airbus 380) and feel fresh when we reach our destination. As mentioned in my article My London Trip 2015 (link provided above), I slept like a log for 6 hours straight and upon reaching London I was fresh and had the energy to go visit the freaking huge British Museum.

KL/Melbourne with Malaysia Airlines or AirAsia – once again, we will be served food 2 hours after departure and 2 hours before landing. Which means, in between we only get to sleep for about 4 hours uninterrupted before we reach our destination. 4 hours sleep is not enough for me! I will get a headache throughout the day! That is why I would not waste my Enrich Miles to redeem for a Business Class ticket with Malaysia Airlines OR pay for AirAsia Flat Bed ticket when I fly to Melbourne. Instead I will just pay for the freaking cheap Economy Class ticket with AirAsia (I have managed to book many return flights for less than RM1K) with my Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve and earn myself 5X Treats Points and convert them to Enrich Miles. FYI, I earn 1 Enrich Mile with every RM0.954 spent every time I buy AirAsia tickets. So for example, if my AirAsia return ticket KUL/MEL cost RM954 and I use my Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve, I will earn 1000 Enrich Miles!!!

So in order to find out which is the best credit card for accumulating AirAsia Big Points, I need to waste my time researching and analyzing the info gathered.  But before I started researching about AirAsia Big Points, I asked at my facebook page at how many people are interested in AirAsia Big Points. Well, initially the response was not overwhelming (32 Likes; but then I posted again offering my readers some incentive and suddenly many started to click the Like button and eventually there were more than 200 Likes. And I promised to produce an article if there was more than X,XXX,XX1 Likes – i.e. more than 0,000,001 Like, hahaha.


On behalf of all Malaysians, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tan Sri Tony Fernandes for allowing us to fly overseas at unbelievable prices. Did you know that Tony Fernandes bought over AirAsia from DRB-Hicom in 2001 for just RM1!!!

I really love AirAsia because of the following reasons:

1. AirAsia tickets are really freaking cheap! I get to fly return KL/Melbourne for less than RM1K (USD250 based on USD/MYR 4.0)! You tell me, which other airline allows you to purchase a return ticket for less than USD250 for an 8 hour flight (total 16 hours)?

2. If you are a regular reader of mine, you may be aware that I have really bad eyesight and am partially blind. By flying with AirAsia, my eyes get the required exercise during the flight whenever I am checking out one of the many young (100% younger than me that’s for sure), sweet (90%), cute (100%), gorgeous (50%),  slim (90%), some slightly over made-up (10%), curvy, well coiffed hairdo (or long straight silky hair) AirAsia Girls in red. Now, ladies, before you say that I am a sexist, I bet you also exercise your eyes by checking out those well groomed, young, clean shaven, handsome and fit body with tight ass AirAsia Boys in black, hahaha.

3. AirAsia food is actually freaking good and you don’t need to fly Business Class to enjoy Satay at 35,000 ft above sea level. I tell you, AirAsia’s Nasi Lemak tastes 100X better than the Nasi Lemak served by Malaysia Airlines in Business Class. And with AirAsia, we have so many choices to choose from including curry laksa noodle unlike  Malaysia Airlines where you are asked – “Chicken or Fish?”!


As I have been saying – Cheap No Good, Good No Cheap and FREE IS THE BEST!

The sad thing about the existence of AirAsia is that many young people from Generation Y are wasting money holidaying here and there. With AirAsia cheap air tickets, young people nowadays can travel to faraway places too; which is not good if they have yet to own a home. When we travel, there are many other associated cost – e.g. need to purchase appropriate clothing, hotel rooms, food, shopping, entrance fee/ticket into this and that, etc.

So, for those of you who have not saved up enough to pay the down payment for a property/home OR at the very least having savings equal to 6 months of you current pay, forget about going overseas for holiday even though AirAsia may be offering freaking cheap air tickets. Actually, with our freaking weak Ringgit, we get better value holidaying around Malaysia.


In my article The Best Credit Card Ultimate Showdown 2016 (I will revise it by 18 November 2015 to take into account Alliance Bank Visa Infinite latest Terms and Conditions in respect to FREE entries into Airport Lounges), I have shown you that the FREE FOR LIFE Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum AMEX is pretty good compared to other credit cards for accumulating AirAsia Big Points.

For this article I have selected the following cards to be analyzed:

Alliance Bank Visa Infinite

This card earns you 2X Timeless Bonus Points (TBP) for every RM1 spent locally.

The redemption rate is 1000 AirAsia Big Points = 3000 TBP

Citibank AirAsia Visa Gold and Platinum

These Citibank AirAsia Visa credit cards reward you AirAsia Points based on tiers up to 3 AirAsia Points for every RM1 spent.

If you think the Citibank AirAsia Platinum Visa up to 3 AirAsia Points for every RM1 spent is good, well you have been fooled! You see, Citibank AirAsia Points ARE NOT AirAsia Big Points! You need 1500 AirAsia Points to redeem 500 AirAsia Big Points!

Well, Citibank advertised that you get some freebies with the Citibank AirAsia. Once again it’s just a marketing gimmick as you are not getting anything FREE but you are paying for them as you need to pay annual fees for the Citibank AirAsia Visa cards. Having said this, if you are really lucky, you can be upgraded for FREE to Flat Bed (not sure of the T&C, go read it yourself).

Now, here comes the shocker – only a maximum of 180,000 AirAsia Points will be awarded annually! WTF, spend RM1,000,000 with the Citibank AirAsia Platinum Visa and you will only earn 180,000 AirAsia Points which equals to 60,000 AirAsia Big Points! With the Gold card, it is even less, the maximum AirAsia Points you can earn annually is capped at 120,000.

Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum AMEX

The Maybank 2 Cards are FREE FOR LIFE! And you will earn 5X Treats Points (TP) with every RM1 spent with the AMEX card.

In order to redeem 1000 AirAsia Big Points, you will need 7420 TP.

Maybank Visa Infinite

The Maybank Visa Infinite earns you 2X Treats Points (TP) with every RM1 spent locally.

In order to redeem 1000 AirAsia Big Points, you will need 7420 TP.

But you only need 4770TP to redeem 1000 Enrich Miles/KrisFLyer Miles/Asia Miles. Therefore, if you know anyone who is redeeming AirAsia Big Points with TP earned from their Maybank Visa Infinite, I guess you should do him a favour by asking him/her to read this article!

Standard Chartered Bank WorldMiles MasterCard

This stupid card imposes a monthly fee which cannot be waived! And the total for 12 months works out to be RM190.80 including 6% GST.

You only need 1 WorldMiles to convert to 1 AirAsia Big Point with this card BUT in order to earn 1 WorldMiles, you need to spend RM3 locally.

UOB PRVI Mile Visa

I won’t be wasting my time reviewing the UOB PRVI Miles for this article.

Just in case you are wondering if the UOB PRVI Miles Visa is good for Airmiles, click here to my Review of theUOB PRVI Miles – First and Last Look.

If you think you will be earning 5X UNIRinggit for every RM1 spent locally with the UPB PRVI Miles, I strongly advise that you read the Terms and Conditions of the PRVI Miles before applying for it. And please note, you won’t earn 5X UNIRinggit with every RM1 spend overseas via online transactions!!!

If you are one of those who refuse or just plain lazy to read the Terms and Conditions of a credit cards before applying, I strongly advise you avoid Citibank, HSBC and UOB credit cards. You have been warned…………..

And below is a table summarizing how much you need to spend locally in order to earn 1 AirAsia Big Point with the above mentioned cards.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Top 10 Best Credit Cards in Malaysia 2016 - Ultimate Showdown

Another Exclusive Annual Production by GenX GenY GenZ
Please DO NOT reproduce/reprint/copy and paste this article in full or part in any form.

Announcement - This article has been revised to reflect Alliance Bank latest Terms and Conditions in respect of FREE access to airport lounges with their credit cards. As such, a new Top 10 List was reproduced in November 2015.

Latest Update 20 November 2015 - Introducing the newest premier Credit Card for Ultimate Bragging Rights, the OCBC Premier Voyage MasterCard. A mini review is presented to you in the Conclusion.

Update 18 November 2015 - Alliance Bank Privilege Banking Debit Card benefits.

UPDATE December 2016 - Maybank Islamic Ikhwan MasterCard Supplementary Cardholders are now entitled to 5% Cash Back for Petrol and Groceries every Friday and Saturday.


No two credit cards are the same and in reality there is no such thing as the best credit card. However, with you holding the right credit cards, you can optimize your returns/rewards from your credit cards' card transactions. Having said this, credit card is also a very dangerous tool as it can lead you into the shit hole of debt. And once you have an outstanding balance (where you only pay the minimum amount) and are paying interest (working for the bank), it is very hard to get out of the shit hole of debt.

For those who are new to my blog, allow me to give you a brief introduction about myself. I have been using credit cards for more than 25 years. Before I graduated from University at the age of 21, I already have had several credit cards including the American Express Gold Charge Card where I have been a member since 1988. And I am still holding this said card as it gives me "shiok sendiri" sensations because it states Member Since 88, haha. You can view my collection of credit cards and debit cards up to year 2015 by clicking here. I started blogging about credit cards back in 2009; and in 2011, I presented to the world my first Credit Card Ultimate Showdown.

Click here to The Best Top 10 Credit Cards in Malaysia - Ultimate Showdown 2015

Whenever a card issuer launches a new credit card, they will try to give you the impression that their card's benefits are better than their competitors in order to attract you to sign up for the card. And usually, after a year or two, the card issuers will revise their cards' benefits, i.e. Standard Card Features, where they will downgrade the benefits/privileges. This is because rewarding you means less profits for the banks.

As such, it is wise that you re-evaluate your credit cards' benefits compared to other cards in the market yearly, especially if you are paying annual fee(s) and it's best to terminate any card before the card's anniversary date. But there are so many credit cards out there and most people are clueless as to where to start or just plain lazy to go do a comparison.

So, the smart ones will just google - "the best credit card" and most probably end up in some site promoting credit cards on behalf of the banks (the admin of the website gets some commission) and they only highlight the pros but not the cons of the cards they are promoting.

If you have stumbled across my blog, and if you are not put off by the freaking amount of text in my articles, most probably you will then be rewarded with info (from my experience plus sick imagination) that you otherwise would not have thought about. I am not paid by any banks or card issuers to write reviews on credit cards. I analyse, compare and research on credit cards to educate myself so that I can hold the right credit cards based on my spending pattern. And I share my findings with all by stupidly wasting my time writing articles for FREE!

So why am I so stupid to produce and share valuable information with you for FREE? Well, the reason is that I get some "shiok sendiri" sensations whenever someone Likes me at Facebook, hahahaha. Seriously, I have have made many i-friends who appreciate my articles and they unconditionally share valuable info with me relating to credit cards, fixed deposits promos and other stuff that benefits me where which no money can buy.

If you are a reader of mine, you will know that the once upon a time wonderful Maybank 2 Cards Platinum have been consistently ranked at the very top in all my previous Ultimate Credit Card Showdowns. So, with Maybank 2 Cards Gold and Platinum now only giving us 5% Cash Back for dining on weekends, will the Maybank 2 Cards Platinum be once again be ranked in the Top 3 credit cards in Malaysia and more importantly is the card worth keeping? You will soon find out.........


Like I mentioned earlier, having the right credit card can be rewarding and at the same time a credit card can also be a very dangerous tool.

The banks in Malaysia are very generous as they will extend credit cards which are actually unsecured loans to the working people. Those irresponsible banks will brainwash you with advertisements that it is okay to go use your credit cards to pay for holidays or buy non-essential stuff to make another person happy or go for 0% Instalment Plans, without highlighting the fact that you should only do so if you have the money in hand to Settle In Full your Statement Balance before the Due Date.

You see, in the event you only pay the Minimum Payment or part of the Statement Balance prior to the Due Date, the remaining outstanding balances will be imposed interest. And the interest rate is freaking high (as high as 18% p.a. or more). And if you withdraw cash using your credit card, you will be imposed no less than 5% upfront and then interest on a daily basis (the same applies if you take a Personal Loan where interest is charged upfront and the effective interest rate is much much higher than what the banks tell you). I tell you, the banks are no different from Ah Longs when you have outstanding debts - both of them are out to make you poorer by the day and squeeze as much money as they can from you. Don't be fooled into thinking the banks are nice people, they will send debt collectors to harass you when you fail or refuse to repay your loans.

And for those who have no money/savings to purchase stuff and think that 0% Instalment Plans are a benefit; well, if you don't have money today to pay for the stuff before you use your credit card, what makes you think you will have money tomorrow to pay for the credit card bills? Shit always happens and it is wise to have savings equal to 6 months of your monthly salary in the event of an emergency. If you don't have any savings and are having a hard time coping to pay your bills, DO NOT use your credit card, especially the 0% Instalment Plan ON NON-ESSENTIAL stuff which are not required for survival.

Why do Premier Credit Cards offer better privileges? You think the banks are so stupid or generous to give out privileges for nothing? Well, you'll be surprised that many people holding Premier Credit Cards with high credit limits such as World MasterCard and Visa Infinite are working for the banks for FREE, i.e. they are paying interest on their credit card outstanding balances! The banks makes much more money from a single person who has Outstanding Balances of RM100K compared to 30 people having credit limits of RM3K.

With so many shopping malls everywhere, the probability of us using our credit cards on impulse is very high. Did you know that over the years many studies have shown that a very unique species termed as females get more joy from shopping that anything else! They don't like to be rushed and gets continuous pleasure from hours of shopping as they splash money on stuff they don't need. They never get tired from shopping and can shop from day to night, so much so, their shoes wear off pretty quick and that's why they need a new pair even though they just bought one the day before. And nowadays most ladies have a pair of shoes (actually slippers that cost more than RM300) that tones their butt while they shop - click here to read my article titled Ass Toning Footwear. Men on the other hand are easily satisfied in mere minutes and will happily go to sleep.............. what is your corrupted brain thinking? I am talking about men's stomachs lah, hahaha. It has been proven that people who own credit cards spend more than people who use cash. That is why you see most rich men practice paying with cash even if they have a few credit cards in their wallet (most probably "useless" premier credit cards issued from their Premier/Priority/Privilege Banking accounts).

Other than overspending with your credit cards; your card may also be cloned or used fraudulently and you will get a big headache when that happens. So, having a higher credit limit is not necessarily good.

So, for those of you who are new to credit cards, I suggest that you take my FREE Credit Card Tutorial by clicking here before you proceed any further. Some of the examples in my previous articles may be superseded; but, I assure you that it will be just as valuable if not more than some of the courses/subjects you took in college/university. But if you are really short of time (pure lazy), you should at least read the following articles:

Life - Pay Now with Credit Card Earn Later OR Save Now For Retirement. If you are one of those who have been practising "pay now and earn later", stop complaining that you can't afford to pay the down-payment for a property.

Introduction To Credit Cards (published in 2012)

Credit Card Interest Rates

0% Installment Plans with Credit Cards - It IS A Trap


For those who consistently failed to settle their credit card monthly Statement Balance prior to the Due Date, i.e. paying the Minimum Payment or part of the Statement Balance, and are now working for the banks for FREE by paying interest, there is no point in you continuing to read this article. What you should do is go cut your damn credit card and go change your lifestyle and spending pattern immediately so that you can clear off your debt soonest possible.

One way to save on interest  is to perform 0% Balance Transfer. If you are paying interest  to the bank and are not familiar with Balance Transfer - it is to your benefit that you read my article titled Balance Transfer Plans - Facts You Need To Know.

As of October 2015, the card issuers that I know of which are offering 0% Balance Transfer Plans are Public Bank and AEON Credit.


It gives me pleasure to once again present to you my Exclusive Credit Cards Showdown which happens to be Malaysia's only unbiased and comprehensive comparison of credit cards with a systematic methodology to determine the best top 10 credit cards in Malaysia.

Monday, September 28, 2015

My London Trip 2015

Another Production of GenX GenY GenZ
Please DO NOT reproduce/reprint/copy and paste this article in full or in part in any form.


It is best that you first click here and read my article My Paris, New York and London Trip 2014 before proceeding to read the contents below, as I will be referring to stuff I have posted previously. You can skip the Paris and New York part by scrolling down to the London part towards the bottom of the article. 

Early this year, in the first quarter of 2015, my uncle told me that he was thinking of not going to go with his son to UK (if he gets accepted into one of the universities there) as he would be bored. This uncle of mine studied in London for his Engineering degree many years ago and he had just visited London last year too, while his daughter was in London School of Economics pursuing an undergraduate degree. 

And I also just visited London last year with my wife. But since I have nothing better to do with my pathetic stress free and debt free life except to Eat, Shit and Sleep  (click here to read my article), I told him that I can go with him to London if he wants me to. You see, this uncle is about 10 years older than me and I have been very close to him since I was a teenager. And this is the same uncle who introduced me to the Exclusive Limited Edition Cordon Bleu Tricentenaire 1912 Edition Blend and the only whisky which I really enjoy, i.e. Macallan 12 Years,

So, as early as April this year, I started checking out the Enrich Miles required to fly to London in mid September (when most universities start their orientation program). And it was also during this time that Malaysia Airlines inflated their Enrich Miles Program. And when I checked back then, one could redeem a return Business Class ticket KL/London with just 127,500 Enrich Miles. 

Maybank allows us to convert our Treats Points to KrisFLyer Miles too; as such, I was wondering if I should convert my TP to KrisFlyer Miles and fly to London with Singapore Airlines. But I do not have a KrisFLyer account. Therefore, I sought the help of others via my Facebook Page and I was overwhelmed with the response I received. Many of you, my iFriends, almost instantly responded to my SOS call by either posting at my Facebook Page or messaging via Facebook complete with screen shots taken from Singapore Airlines website. Click here to the Facebook Post dated 5th April 2015 for more info.

And from the many responses I received, I learned the followings from many of you guys:
  • I would need 160,000 KrisFLyer Miles for the "cheapest" SIN-LHR Return Business Class called Saver Award BUT it's not available for September 2015! 
  • The next cheapest SIN-LHR Return Business Class called Standard Award would need 204,000 KrisFlyer Miles and that's on waitlist!
  • In order to get a confirmed SIN-LHR Return Business Class ticket redeemed with KrisFlyerMiles, I would need 357,000 KrisFlyer Miles!!! That's like 3 times more miles compared to Malaysia Airlines' 127,500 Enrich Miles and which I can get immediate confirmed seats!!! 
Like I mentioned earlier, it was about this time (April 2015) that we were informed that Maybank and Enrich Miles were revising their redemption program. Therefore, in order to educate myself so that I am up to speed, I had to go analyse this and that; and, one thing led to another - I produced a Comprehensive Tutorial On The Best Credit Cards To Earn Frequent Flyer Miles so that every one can benefit from my research.


Back in August, my cousin's A Levels results were out and he was eventually accepted into several universities and decided that he will attend a Top 10 Law School in United Kingdom away from the bustling London city.

Around 10th August 2015, I checked with Enrich Online and noted that I could still redeem a Return Business Class ticket with just 127,500 Enrich Miles (departing KL on 16 to 18 September). However, my uncle had yet to decide if he wanted to go to London with his son; moreover, my cousin had not yet gotten his Student Visa. 

Then on 24th August I checked again and to my horror I would need more than 127,500 Enrich Miles (to be more accurate, more than 200K EM) to redeem a return Business Class KL/London ticket departing from 16 September 2015 onwards!!! 

Immediately, I called my uncle to ask if he still wanted to go to London and he said okay casually and added that his son wanted to go a week before his orientation. A week before his orientation is before 15th September 2015. So I logged into my Enrich Account again and noted that we were still able to get a return Business Class ticket KL/London with just 127,500 Enrich Miles. Hurray! Fast fast I called my uncle and asked him to go book his tickets (for him and his son). You see, I told my uncle to get the Maybank 2 Cards Premier when it was launched and he has also accumulated lots of Enrich Miles from his credit card usages.

Immediately after my uncle redeemed 2 Business Class tickets to London (one way 63,750 Enrich Miles each) he called me. So I wanted to book the same flight and to my horror I needed about double the Enrich Miles! So I checked the day before his departure and thanks to my lucky star, I was able to redeem a flight on Business Class to London with just 63,750 Enrich Miles. My flight was a night flight whereas my uncle's was the next morning but all of us would arrive in London on the same day.  

Anyway, in total I managed to get a return Business Class ticket KL/London with just 127,500 Enrich Miles and I had to pay RM2700 in taxes and surcharges. 

From the above, if you want to fly Business Class to a specific destination using your Enrich Miles, it is best to redeem it as early as possible. I would suggest 3 months before your desired departure date and not at the last minute where you might end up needing more than double or triple the Enrich Miles. 


In my previous article titled My Paris, New York and London Trip 2014 (click here to read it), I have posted a picture of the Golden Lounge at KLIA and photos of Malaysia Airlines' Airbus A380 Business Class seats. 

This time, while I was in the Golden Lounge Smoking Room, I posted at my Facebook page the followings (click here to see the post at Facebook)

Thank you to those of you who suggested ways I can waste my time tomorrow morning in London. And based on one of the suggestion, I have decided to visit British Museum to see Egyptian Mummies :)

And since I am flying on Business Class, I get to enter Golden Lounge at KLIA. I wanted to take some photos of the food selection but they are spread out and hard for me to take all the food in one photo.

So, I only took a photo of the pastries/fruit counter, a photo of the red velvet, ice cream and fresh brew coffee I had. I also went to the bar to get a class of cognac and they only had Prince Polignac VSOP. Well, the Prince Polignac VSOP taste is really lousy but what is there to complain as it's FREE! Hahaha. I am now in their smoking room having the VSOP and smoke as many sticks as possible before the 12 hours journey to London.

Friday, September 25, 2015

CIMB Enrich World MasterCard Versus Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve and Visa Infinite

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Update 3 October 2015 - Added a mini review of the CIMB Enrich Elite World MasterCard (launched on 1st October 2015) towards  the bottom of this article.


Back in 2012 when I published my article titled Premier Credit Cards - Privilege and Exclusive Credit Cards, I mentioned that RHB Visa Infinite and CIMB Enrich World MasterCard was bestowed by yours truly the title of the most Prestigious Credit Cards in Malaysia. Back then, both these cards were by invitation only. In order to qualify for the RHB Visa Infinite, you had to have a net worth of minimum USD1M. And as for the CIMB World MasterCard, the annual fee was RM888 and in order to qualify for auto annual fee waiver, you had to spend RM500K with it. Well, that's all history now.

Today, in order to qualify for the RHB Visa Infinite, you only need to have an annual income of RM150,000 and the CIMB Enrich World MasterCard is even less at RM100K. Therefore, with immediate effect, I shall revoke the title of the most Prestigious Credit Card in Malaysia bestowed onto both of these said cards.

Effective 28th August 2015, CIMB revised the standard feature of their Enrich World MasterCard where they reduced the Principal Card's annual fee to RM588 (reduction of RM300); and best of all, you can now earn 1 Enrich Mile for every Ringgit spent overseas (previously 1 EM for every RM2 spent overseas)! 

CIMB Enrich World MasterCard's 1 Enrich Miles for every RM1 spent overseas is really really good and is very competitive versus Maybank Visa Infinite's 1 Enrich Miles for every RM0.954 spent overseas (including 6% GST which Maybank imposes on us!!!). 


The main pros and benefits highlighted by CIMB for their Enrich World MasterCard are as follows:
  • 1 Enrich Mile for every RM1 spent overseas.
  • 1 Enrich Mile for every RM3 spent locally.
  • 8X FREE access to Golden Lounge.
  • Free green fees at golf clubs in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand

WOW! 8X FREE access to Malaysia Airlines Berhad's Golden Lounge plus 1 EM for every RM1 spent overseas! Freaking good right? Well, after you finish reading this article, many of you would most probably take a miss on the CIMB World MasterCard; and, deep inside your heart thanking God that you have me here on earth where I would stupidly waste my time writing this article for your benefit and happily chain smoking while drafting this article thus ensuring myself of an early exit to the helluva hot and happening underworld, hahahaha. 

So, before you head to CIMB to sign up for the CIMB Enrich World MasterCard, read this article in full :)

Friday, September 11, 2015


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Update January 2016 - Click here to be directed to UOB website to learn about the latest UOB Prvi Miles T&C effective 1st January 2016. 

I can't seem to find anything clauses regarding 5X UNIRinggit on Automobile Services and Household in the new Terms and Conditions.

Now it seems, the 5X UNIRINGGIT is awarded to categories that fall under Overseas (including online), Airlines, Hotels and Travel Agencies. But there is a monthly spending cap of RM3000 PLUS a monthly UNIRinggit payout cap based on first come first serve basis. In other words, the extra 4X UNIRinggit is not guaranteed, However for Visa Pay Wave at selected merchants, the 5X UNIRinggit is guaranteed. 


Yesterday, an iFriend of mine (my classification of an iFriend -  a person who appreciates my articles or is a follower of my blog or a person who have Liked me as Facebook and/or take the time to thank me, haha) messaged me at my Facebook Page ( to tell me that he has managed to redeem Business Class ticket with his Maybank 2 Cards Premier. Below is what he mentioned:

Hi Gen XYZ, I'm following your blog & fb for long time. Thanks for your article, I earn myself few biz class ticket by using Amex Reserve.

Besides him, few others have also messaged me at my facebook page to thank me for my articles. I do appreciate all your kind comments and truly touched whenever someone shows his/her gratitude after reading my article(s). And of course, thank you to all of you who have supported me by buying sutff at Groupon via the links provided in my blog(s).

And last year, two really nice people became my Guest Columnists where they sacrificed their time to share with you their articles and they did it for FREE! One of them is mr-stingy who has his own website/domain where he publishes many interesting and informative articles relating to personal finance among other stuff. Click here to check out mr-stingy's website.

Anyway, the same person who messaged me yesterday asked my opinion on the UOB PRVI MILES VISA. I was like what the heck is UOB PRVIMiles? So I went to UOB website and the first impression I got was - this card looks freaking fantastic. Below is what UOB advertised:
  • The BEST WAY to earn miles. NO limits. On How You Earn Miles. Or UseThem. 
  • Minimum Annual Income to be eligible for the card - RM60K
  • 5X UNIRinggit for every RM spent overseas, retail household, automobile services and Visa Wave Transactions.
  • Redeem up to 4 Airmiles for every RM5 spent.
  • 12X Complimentary Access to Plaza Premium Lounge. 
  • Offset Annual Fee with UNIRINGGIT Earned. 

Wow - spend RM5 and get 4 Airmiles PLUS FREE 12X access to Plaza Premium Lounge with the UOB PRVI Miles? This is really wonderful. So, I told him I will go read about it and publish my findings to share with the entire world.

Well, after reading through the terms and conditions of the UOB PRVIMiles Visa Card, I can tell you this - it will be the last time I'll look at it again, hahaha.

Without further ado, it is with deep regret that I have to report that the UOB PRVI Miles is not a card for most people but for those who really like to beg for annual fee waiver, hahaha.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015


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UPDATE December 2015 I would like to thank Firman Sajat for commenting at my article on the Maybank Islamic Ikhwan MasterCard that Supp Cards are now entitled to the 5% Cash Back for Petrol and Groceries.


This year, we, credit card users were hit with a double whammy which affects our purchasing power. The first whammy occurred on 1st April 2015 when the government of Malaysia started imposing 6% GST which led to an increase in the prices of almost everything (excluding cars where the price magically reduced for the first time). And then on 1st August 2015, Maybank revoked the 5% cash back on weekends for any type of transactions with their Maybankard 2 Cards AMEX; thus making many of us potentially poorer overnight by RM600 a year (maximum possible cash back).

However, luckily you have me to soften the blow of the above two whammies and in particular the latter. You see, I heard a voice over and over again in my head instructing me to present to you guys alternative ways to regain some of the losses inflicted by Maybank onto us. Now I don't think the voice was from God but I think it was more of my guilty conscious telling me to make up for making you guys get stuck with the Maybank 2 Cards from my years of promoting it! Hahaha. So, last month I presented GenX's Recommendation of Credit Cards where I listed options available to replace the once upon a time fabulous Maybank 2 Cards.

And in my last article of my A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That series (click here to read the finale - Volume I, Chapter IX), I warned you guys to be prepared for the next coming recession and that I would be giving you an early Christmas Gift, i.e. my annual exclusive Credit Card Ultimate Showdown 2016. Actually, I have kind of finished my analysis but have yet to start on the comments, so I guess you have to wait until end of August or maybe early September 2015 to see my list of the Top Ten Best Credit Cards in Malaysia 2016.

Recently, I started to hear voices over and over again in my head, it kept telling me that my coming Top 10 Credit Cards Ultimate Showdown this time around may not benefit those who are looking for cash back cards unlike previous years where the Maybankard 2 Cards AMEX was constantly in my Top 5 when it offered up to RM600 cash back a year. So, I started brainstorming with the voice (talking to myself) and suddenly out of no where a brilliant idea was born.

As you are well aware, most car manufacturers have a special unit that modifies their cars and brings them up to a higher classification, i.e. MB - AMG, BMW - M3, Mini - John Cooper Works, Toyota -TRD, etc.

Well, I decided that I shall compartmentalise my brain and form a special unit to make full use of my sick imagination brain cells to modify credit cards, thus, calling the improved product - GenX's Totally Recommended or in short GTR.

And since this GTR department is new, I decided that they should start with Entry Level credit cards for the mass market where most users can benefit from their daily use, example, like the reliable Toyota Vios but equipped with TRD fittings. If my first GTR product receives overwhelming success, maybe then I shall modify higher level cards. For example, starting from Entry Level Gold and Platinum Cards (Toyota TRD and Volkswagen Polo GTR) followed by Visa Signature (Skyline GTR) and ultimately Premier Credit Cards (Bentley Coupe GTR), hahaha... 

And I am proud to present to you my first GenX's Totally Recommended product -


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Visa Buy 1 and Get Second Ticket 50% Off - Malaysia Airlines versus Singapore Airlines versus British Airways

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Today I saw an advertisement on Visa Credit Card Promotion in The Star  - Buy 1 ticket Economy or Business Class with Malaysia Airlines and get the second ticket 50% off. So I went googling as usual and I am pleased to share with you my findings.

To be eligible for the Visa Debit or Credit Card Malaysia Airlines offer, we need to book via Corporate Information Travel Sdn Bhd (CIT) based at Mid Valley.

So I went to CIT website and noted that they also offering Visa cardholders 50% Off for the second ticket with Singapore Airlines, British Airways and China Airlines!

Below is the Malaysia Airlines Promo - too bad no discount for Economy Class to Sydney and Melbourne. 

And below is the promo for Singapore Airlines and Chine Airlines. Singapore Airlines now offer Premium Economy to London (from RM7,370), which is good for those of us who hate to travel on Economy and too stingy to pay for a Business Class ticket, haha. 

With Singapore Airlines Premium Economy, if we are in KL, we need to go Singapore to fly to London. So, the other alternative is to fly with British Airways from KLIA :) And the price of British Airways Premium Economy is very competitive (from RM7,200) versus Singapore Airlines (from RM7,370).

And below image shows (click to enlarge) Malaysia Airlines Fares versus Singapore Airlines versus British Airways. You will note that Malaysia Airlines offer the cheapest Business Class ticket to London.