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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Maybankard 2 Cards - American Express with MasterCard or Visa

An article by GenX published at

UPDATE JUNE 2015 - BAD News.... Effective 1st August 2015, the 5% weekend cash back shall only be applicable for DINING! NO MORE CASH BACK FOR PETROL and OTHER TRANSACTIONS. If you need a card that gives you 5% cash back for Petrol and Groceries, click here and read my review of the Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan Platinum and Gold credit card.

Update 1 July 2015 - To learn of alternative cash back credit cards to replace your Maybankard 2 Cards, please click here to my post titled GenX's Recommendations of Credit Cards 2015.


UPDATE FEBRUARY 2015 - Effective 1st March 2015, Maybank will revise the conversion rate of Treats Points to Enrich Miles to 10,000TP = 1,000 Enrich Miles. Therefore, with the Maybankard 2 Cards AMEX earning you 5X TP for every Ringgit spent, it will be 1 Enrich Miles for every RM2 Ringgit spent if you redeem for Enrich Miles using your Treats Points after 1st March 2015. Click here to read my announcement posted on 6 February 2015. 

UPDATE Nov 2014 - For those of you who wants to upgrade your Maybankard 2 Gold Card to Platinum, good news for Gold cardholders who sign up prior to July 2014. The GST shall remain at RM50 for 2 cards. Click here to my article titled A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That Vol.1 Chapter VI to learn more.

UPDATE 10 JULY 2014 - Effective immediately, GST shall be RM50 PER CARD for principal. Therefore, the total GST for Maybank 2 Cards Principal AMEX and Visa/MasterCard shall now be RM100.

UPDATE February 2014 - FREE Movie Tickets at TGV every Thursday with Maybank Credit Cards including Maybankard American Express :)

UPDATE October 2013 - Good News - Our MBB 2 AMEX  now has MSOS SafeKey. I wanted to purchase Air Asia ticket and was rejected because I needed to activate AMEX MSOS SafeKey. So I called MBB CS and registered for the MSOS for my AMEX. Within minutes I received an SMS informing that my registration has been successful and immediately I can purchase the Air Asia tickets.

UPDATE (August 2013): As of August 2013, Maybank has revised upwards the TP required for redeeming the same cash voucher prior to August 2013. But with Maybankard 2 Card AMEX earning 5X TP for every Ringgit spent, it is still the best credit card for earning reward points as far as local spending is concerned. This is because, with the 5X TP and 12,5000 TP to redeem for RM50 cash voucher, we still get cash back equivalent of 2%. Also please note that Treats Points earned expire in 3 years time and are no longer evergreen.

Update April 2013- Maybank AMEX is accepted at UNIQLO and Petronas as of January 2013 :)

In January 2011, Maybank launched one of the best credit card in Malaysian for local spending, that is the Maybankard 2 Card. I must say MBB did their homework and has come out with a product (actually 2 in 1) that has a combination of benefits that its competitors offer. The Maybankard 2 (called Maybankard Dua) American Express Card gives you 5X Treats Points for every Ringgit spent for ANYTHING, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE in the world. 

I can't understand the design of the Maybankard 2 Platinum Cards with the whitish rings on the card and it is like a Black Hole to me (maybe MBB got a Feng Shui master to advise them and the design is like a whirlpool sucking your money with this card and nothing left to spend with other cards, haha). 

Here are the benefits of Maybankard 2 in Maybank's website:
  • Enjoy a low Finance Charge of 8.88% p.a. on your outstanding retail balance, and save up to RM2300 a year¹. All you have to do is promptly settle your minimum payment of 5% or a minimum of RM25.
    ¹Based on RM3,000 monthly spend with minimum repayment of 12 months.
  • 5x TreatsPoints for every Ringgit spent on Maybankard 2 American Express Card and 1x TreatsPoint on Maybankard 2  Mastercard/Visa Card in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world.
  • 5% Weekend cash back² when spend on Maybankard 2 American Express Card.
    ²A cap of RM50 per customer (including Supp Cards) per month
  • Enjoy lowest finance charge of 8.88%³ per annum on your outstanding retail balance. All you need to do is promptly settle minimum payment, 5% of the outstanding balance or a minimum of RM25.
    ³Maybank reserves the right to revise the Finance Charge as and when it deems necessary, with 21 days prior notice.
  • Lifetime Fee Waiver with complimentary supplementary cards.

  • Travel Insurance Coverage
    Charge your travel fares to the card to enjoy complimentary Accidental Swath and Disablement coverage of up to RM1,000,000, as well as Travel Inconvenience coverage for missed connections, luggage delay and luggage loss. 
  • Retail ProtectionPurchase protection of up to RM20,000 per item and up to RM150,000 per card account per calendar year.
    Return Guarantee exchange or refund of up to 90days (Maximum RM1,500 per item on purchase price, up to a maximum of RM6,000 per card account per calendar year)
    Extended Warranty of up to Rm15,000 per item (Up to RM48,000 per card account per calendar year.)
  • Golf Privilege - Complimentary golf at selected golf courses around Malaysia.

To highlight again the above benefits which I feel is worth repeating:

I) 2 Credit Cards - Total GST of RM100 for principal account (Updated July 2014).

II) Free Lifetime Annual Fees - no conditions, no need to swipe minimum times or spend a minimum amount annually.

III) Travel Insurance for the Platinum card only - this is great as can use the card to purchase tickets and get 5X rewards points and 5% cash rebate (max RM50 but still better than nothing). 

IV) 5X Treats Points anywhere in the world plus monthly cap of RM50 cash back for every Saturdays and Sundays. The cash back capped at RM50 is combined for Principal card holder and Supp cards.

V) The Visa or MasterCard,you can keep in your drawer as it only gives 1X point for every Ringgit. (But if you want 0% installment plans by merchants, then this card may be of use). 

For the Maybankard 2 AMEX card, on weekends it's like you get something equivalent to about 7% cash back for anything including Petrol (for your information if you spend your money at ESSO you get another 1.5% with Smiles Points and at 1U another 1% with the One Card). Click here to read my post - Cards to compliment your CC.

How did I get 7%? The 5X Treats Points (TP) you get for every Ringgit can be said to be equivalent to approximately 2% cash back based redemption of voucher(s). For example, 12,500 TP gets you a RM50 Metro Jaya voucher.

Before you go saying AMEX is not widely accepted, let me repeat here again that AMEX is accepted at ESSO/MOBIL, Guardian, Watsons, Caring, OTO, GIANT, Carrefour, Harvey Norman, Courts, All IT, DELL, TESCO, JAYA JUSCO, TGIF, FOS, Poh Kong, PappaRich, Pasta Zamai, Canton i, Air Asia, JetStar, Malaysia Airlines, DiGi, Maxis, Celcom, Assessment Tax (Cukai Pintu) and many other places and not necessarily only at high end luxury outlets. 

The only time that you will want to use the Maybankard 2 Visa or MasterCard is when the merchant does not accept AMEX or you want to go with 0% installment plan with a particular merchant that offers it for Maybank Visa or MasterCard card holders. The Maybankard 2 Visa or MasterCard only gives you 1X Treats Points or equivalent to less than 0.5% cash back based on voucher redemption.

Maybank Treats Points cannot be redeemed for cash, unlike American Express Membership Reward points; however, since both the Maybank 2 American Express and Visa/MasterCard share the same statement, they share the same Treats Points. 

And to find out why the 5X Treats Points we earn with the Maybankard 2 Amex is so wonderful, click here to read my article at My Credit Cards where I published an article titled Apple iPad2 for RM999 with Maybank On The Spot Redemption.


If you noted, I started of with saying that the Maybankard 2 AMEX is great for local transactions with the 5X Treats Points. I also mentioned that the MBB 2 AMEX earns you 5% cash back  anywhere on earth on Saturdays and Sundays; but the maximum cash back is capped at RM50/month. So you have to work out if using the Maybankard 2 AMEX for your overseas transactions is worthwhile taking into consideration that 5X Treats Points is approximately equivalent to 2% returns and the cash back on weekends is capped at RM50.

Click here to my article MORE A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit of That, Vol.1, Chapter III, where I showed that my Maybank 2 Cards American Express gave me a lower conversion rate versus my Maybank Visa Infinite (please note not Maybank 2 Cards Visa) for my transactions in Australia.

Click here to check Visa International Foreign Exchange Rates

Click here to check MasterCard Foreign Exchange Rates


If you are an existing Maybank card holder, you may simply apply for any MBB cards via phone, no need to fill in any forms at all. Click here to read about my application for MBB Platinum MasterCard last year via phone call. So once again as I was too lazy to fill in an application form, I applied for the Maybankard 2 Cards via phone on 18th January 2011 through Maybank Tele-Marketing unit at 03-58914777 which is based at Bukit Jelutong. However, when applying via phone you cannot apply for supp card which can only be done after the principal card has been approved. You can also call Customer Service Toll Free line but I prefer to call the tele-marketing line as it's easier for me to speak to the same girl I spoke to for my application when I want to follow up on my Maybankard 2 Card later on.

Alternatively, you may download the application form and fax to Maybank (this method may be faster as all your details are filled in by you and the possibility of an error is less and easier for MBB officer to process your application).

You can email the application form to or fax to 03-2282 0373.

And of course you can just walk into any of the 400 Maybank branches to apply for the Maybankard 2 Cards.

Update July 2014 - And the fastest way to get the Maybankard 2 Cards is go to Maybank Card Centre at 1 Utama (New Wing) or The Gardens (near Robinsons). In 2014, the Maybank 2 Cards application will process you application within 2 hours if you apply Monday to Fridays before 7pm. Click here to my article A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That Vol., Chapter IV where I elaborated more on Maybank credit card application including posting Maybankard Centre Contact Number for 1U and The Gardens.

It is stated that you need to bring along your MyKad, lastest 2 months salary slips, EPF Statement, Income Tax BE Form and official Tax Receipt and other supporting documents. I was told that most credit cards issuers now no longer consider new application based on existing credit cards.

Best you call the card centre to double confirm the relevant documents required before you go over.

UPDATE October 2014 - If you are looking for a petrol card to compliment your Maybankard 2 Cards, click here and read my short review of the Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan Platinum/Gold Card. This card gives you 5% cash back for Petrol (all stations) and Groceries and the minimum annual income requirement starts at RM30K per year.And best of all, it is FREE FOR LIFE too.

Click here to my article The Best Cash Back Credit Cards Combo 2014 and I will show you a comparison table of Maybankard 2 Cards versus OCBC Titanium MasterCard versus Citibank Cash Back Platinum versus Hong Leong Bank Wise Visa Cash Back PLUS how to optimize your cash back returns by using combinations of cards for spending more than RM1K per month.

Update July 2014 - Click here to read my article Maybankard 2 Cards GST Is Now RM100 - effective July 2014, Maybank will not be crediting RM50 into the Maybankard 2 Cards' AMEX account to offset GST. Thus, all of us shall be paying RM100 in GST from now on and how it effects the Effective Cash Back Rate and other benefits that have been revised since it was launched.

To find out the best of the best credit cards in Malaysia 2015, click here to my Credit Card Ultimate Showdown 2015 and see if your current credit cards are in my Top 10 list, if not it's time you go start with applying for the Maybankard  2 Cards

For more FREE Financial Tuition, click here to my article Credit Card Effective Cash Back Rate. In this article I will show you the maximum effective cash back rate for the Maybankard 2 Cards, OCBC Titanium MasterCard, Hong Leong Bank Wise and even CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum if you getting it for online transactions only.

Click here to read my review on the UOB One Card Visa.  I have prepared a table showing cash back comparison between OCBC Titanium MasterCard versus Citibank Platinum Cash Back versus Maybankard 2 Amex versus UOB One Card.

Click here to read my brief updated comparison of Maybankard 2 Cards versus Citibank Platinum Visa/MasterCard Cash Back Card.

Click here to read Maybank2U for Maybank Credit Cards - You Don't Need a Savings or Current Acct.

Click here to my other blog to read my article titled Currencies Rolex No.8 where I mentioned about buying a Rolex watch with Maybankard2 Amex and then do Balance Transfer to CIMB.

Click here to see 2 comparison of Maybankard 2 Cards versus HSBC Visa Signature

Click here to read my article The Best Credit Card in Malaysia - Is There Really One?

If you travel overseas very often, check out the Maybank Visa Infinite where you can earn 5X TP for every RM1 spent overseas. To read my full and complete review of the Maybank Visa Infinite - click here.

Those of you who are interested in converting you Treats Points to Enrich Miles, click here to read my article Toshiba i5 for RM999 with Maybankard On The Spot Redemption and  ENRICH MILES REDEMPTION 

Click here to read my article titled FREE Money From Maybankard and BonusLink for My Wife's SK-II.

In July 2012, a new pure cash back credit card called MACH by Hong Leong Bank was launched. This card is targeted at the Entry Level users where the annual income requirement is RM24K/year. This is another innovative credit card by Hong Leong Bank. Click here to read my article Mach By Hong Leong Bank For GenY - First Look.

Click here to read my article My Son Is Going To The USA on Business Class Again and learn how you can get more than 10% cash back from using the wonderful Maybankard 2 American Express and Maybank Visa Infinite.

Up to 31 December 2013, we can get up to 7% discount when with book our rooms with Agoda using our Maybank credit cards. Click here to read my article Online Hotel Bookings with My Credit Cards and see for yourself if the offer is really good.

Click here to my article titled New Credit Cards 2013 in Malaysia where I did a review comparing CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum MasterCard versus Citi PremierMiles American Express versus Citi Prestige MasterCard Master Elite versus Hong Leong Bank Wise Visa versus, RHB Visa Signature vs. Standard Chartered Bank WorldMiles MasterCard.


  1. Thanks for the write up on credit cards. I've been using a few now (HLB Essential, Citi AA) and I'm thinking of getting one that's best suited to my expenses.

    Your site provides good information on such issue.

  2. Man Bucit, thank you for the reading and glad that you find my blog helpful.

  3. Can i ask genX, the membership benefit shown in american express website (eg. for dining, travelling or retail purchase etc), is it applicable for the maybankard 2 american express as well?

  4. MD, thank you for visiting my blog. Please sign up as a follower to comment (it is stated above the comment box). This comment will be deleted in 24 hours if you still have not sign up.

    As for your question, answer is YES and NO. You have to check if it states Maybankard 2 Platinum or not. Generally, a promotion is not applicable to Maybankard if the ad states "The Platinum Card" or "Membership Reward". Best you goto M2U site and click on AMEX Promo.

  5. Hi, thank you for your wonderful blog.
    Have gone tru almost cc to choose if i spend 1-3k per month. (that included mostly insurance installment monthly auto-payment)
    Shud i need both MBB duo n OCBC titanium to cover all my expenses or i need more.
    Kindly advise. Thank you.

    1. 晓鸿 thank you for reading my articles. I would appreciate if you could kindly sign up as a "Follower" as mentioned in my Notice in order to comment or ask question. I will reply you this time :)

      If your expenses are mostly for insurance, MBB 2 Cards may not be appropriate because man insurance companies do not accept AMEX.

      If your insurance is with GE, go get OCBC Great Eastern credit card. Else for insurance up to RM3K, the OCBC Titanium MasterCard is pretty good with 1% cash back for insurance premiums and annual fee waived with 12 swipes.

      The Free For Life Maybankard 2 Cards AMEX is very good where the OCBC Titanium MC don't earn yu 5% cash back. And better still if you transact on Saturday and Sundays at places that accept AMEX (e.g. AEON, Giant, Tesco, Best Denki, Harvey Norman, etc). You just need to spend RM2,000 a year with the AMEX card to earn 10,000 Treats Points to offset GST for the following years.

      If you ask me, no harm getting both the Maybankard 2 Cards and OCBC Titanium MasterCard.

  6. Hi.. Amex is american express right? Just wanna know is amex acceptable at petrol station??

    1. Yes, with the Maybankard 2 American Express credit card, we get to earn 5% cash back on weekends and 5X TP too at most petrol stations including Petronas.


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