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Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Main Blog Has Been Removed

Hi guys, as of 1st March 2013, my main blog GenXGenYGenZ.blogspot have yet to be restored. And if you wondering why my blog was deleted, it is because google's computer programs are too smart and somehow classified my blog as being generated by a non-human!!! I have requested it to be restored on 19th February and somehow I did not receive any reply and requested again that my blog be reinstated on 27th February 2013. See below:

I am very frustrated because I no longer have access to my articles which were posted at GenXGenYGenZ.blogspot. Many of the articles posted at my main blog are either updated articles (which have been moved from here www.generationsxyz.blogspot) on credit cards or banks' deposit products besides other articles where I will go blah blah blah like forever. 

And at the rate it is going, looks like my main blog will never be restored and my hard work was for nothing. And what is there to prevent google from doing the same to my other blogs at blogspots. Most likely, with time, my other blogs will also just disappear into the thin air...........

Anyway, if google do not restore my main blog and give me access to my previous articles, I guess the person up there is telling me not to waste my time blogging anymore. 

Last but not least, I thank all of you who have dropped by to read my articles and I really appreciate those of you who have taken the trouble to comment or let me know you have benefited from my articles.

And if you are a Facebook user, please drop by my facebook site

Update September 2013 - "" is online again BUT IT DOES NOT BELONGS TO ME!!! How can google allow someone else to steal my blog. I am pissed off big time.


  1. GenX, Hope you'd get your blog restored soon.

  2. Good work sir! I've always been a fan of your blog, very comprehensive. I'm waiting patiently for your updates on Top CC of 2013

  3. should backup your blogs... sad for you


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