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Monday, July 8, 2013

The Best Credit Card for FREE Entry to Airport Lounges 2014 and 2015

An article by GenX published at
Please do not republish or reproduce this article in part or full.

Latest Update November 2015 - Effective immediately, the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite title of The Ultimate Airport Lounge Credit Card is revoked by yours truly. On 26th October 2015, Alliance Bank revised the Terms and Conditions for FREE access to airport lounges with their Visa Infinite (please visit Alliance Bank website for more info). Therefore, the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite can now be considered as "useless" compared to the Maybank 2 Cards Premier. If a person really spends RM150K with his/her Alliance Visa Infinite, it would be smarter of him/her to sign up for the the fabulous Maybank 2 Cards Premier and earn more in returns. 

Update 2015 - UOB Visa Infinite (non Privilege Banking) no longer issues the Priority Pass Membership Card but instead it allows you 4 FREE entries to selected airport lounges. However they Supp card now gets 2 FREE entries.

Update March 2014 - Effective 1st April 2014, UOB Visa Infinite FREE Entries into airport lounge with Priority Pass Membership Card will be revised to 4 times, For the Privilege Banking Visa Infinite 12 times a year. As such, the title The Ultimate Airport Lounge Credit Card awarded to UOB Privilege Banking Visa Infinite shall be revoked by your truly effective 1st April 2014 too.

Update October 2013 - Standard Chartered Bank Visa Infinite now only entitles you to 2 FREE entries to Airport Lounge.

Recently I went to Singapore with my eldest son. We took Air Asia and therefore we departed from LCCT. As you all know, I have many credit cards, and my lucky son also has several credit cards but they are all supplementary cards from his favorite dad. However, my son has his own Alliance Privilege Banking Premier Debit Card issued from Alliance Bank; as such, both of us were entitled to enter the LCCT  Plaza Premium Lounge using our own Alliance Bank PB debit cards. Just for your information, besides the Alliance Bank PB Debit Card, I have another 4 cards that allow me and my other children to gain FREE access into the LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge; and the 4 cards are RHB Premier Banking Visa Debit Card, RHB Platinum Visa Credit Card, Priority Pass Membership Card  from Maybank Visa Infinite and UOB Privilege Banking Visa Infinite. My wife has two cards that allow her entry to LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge too, one of them is also the Alliance Privilege Banking Debit Card and the other is her own Priority Pass Membership Card that comes with her Standard Chartered Bank Visa Infinite. So in total, excluding my eldest son's card, we have a total of 7 cards that allow us 7 FREE entries to LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge which means in addition to my other 3 kids, I can also bring my mum and dad into the lounge too, hehe.

For your information, there are two Plaza Premium Lounges in LCCT, there is one before Immigration and one at the departure hall. However, if you want to take a shower or shit in a clean and pretty spacious toilet, only the lounge before Immigration allows you to do so. Having said this, if you do not mind going to the public toilets in the departure hall, it is better to go to the lounge inside the departure hall because you can then take a can of coke or a can of beer or bottled water from the lounge and take it onto the plane (please take note for flights to Australia, this is not possible as you need to go through another security check and no liquids are allowed).

At Changi International Airport, Air Asia lands and departs at Terminal 1. And  with my Priority Pass Membership Cards, there are two lounges that I can enter for FREE there. One of them is the Skyview Lounge near the D gates and the other is called Rainforest Lounge near the C gates. However, unlike the airport lounges at LCCT and KLIA where I can use my cards to allow my family members to enter for FREE, Skyview Lounge would not permit me to use both my Priority Pass Membership Cards at the same time. So what I did was use one  of them to allow my son to enter Skyview Lounge and after checking him in, I proceeded to Rainforest Lounge and used another of my Priority Pass Membership Cards to enter the Rainforest Lounge, hahaha.

I have previously published an article on the Skyview Lounge, click here to see photos and read my short article titled Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 Skyview Lounge.

Click here to my article titled My USA Trip 2013, where I posted photos of United Airlines Lounge in Los Angeles, USA where we get to enter with the Priority Pass Membership Card.

Also click here to check out my article in which I posted photos of the Airport Lounge at Macau where I entered for FREE with the Priority Pass Membership Card. In this article I also posted a photo taken at LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge.

So for this article I will post some photos taken with my miserable ipod touch and  low-end Samsung phone at Rainforest Lounge.

While I was at Rainforest Lounge, they served lamb with potatoes and Hainanese Chicken Rice (and later fried chicken wings with fried rice). My son told me he had Satay at Skyview Lounge. I have dropped by the Skyview Lounge many times but never had the opportunity to try their satay.

Personally, I prefer Skyview Lounge's spacious and brighter environment compared to the darker  and greenish ambiance at Rainforest. Well, I must say that the name adopted for both these mentioned lounges are appropriate for each of them. Now as far as FREE liquor is concerned, I guess you better head to Skyview Lounge ( I love Bacardi Coke).

Above, is like a short introduction to one of the best benefit of having the right credit card. Besides earning cash back and points to redeem for cash vouchers; having the right credit card also entitles you to FREE makan (meal) at airport lounge.

In my previous article titled FREE Entry to LCCT and KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge with Credit Cards published more than a year ago, I have listed credit cards that grant you complimentary access to airport lounges worldwide. However, this year there has been changes and some of the cards mentioned no longer allow you FREE entry to airport lounges. So, I shall now present you The Best Credit Card for Airport Lounges 2013.

Before I proceed any further, I would like to point out to you about the Priority Pass Membership Card. This said card allows you to enter airport lounges  worldwide (including the Plaza Premium Lounges located at Malaysia Airports) for FREE  but comes with an annual FEE if you were to sign up with them directly. However, some premier credit cards in Malaysia offer this card for FREE with LIMITED or UNLIMITED FREE access to airport lounge.

There are numerous credit cards offering FREE entry to airport lounge but each of them has pros and cons. But as you guys know, I like FREE things, so anything that is FREE is the best, hahaha. And I am not going to tell you which is The Best Airport Lounge credit card at the end of this article but right now.......


  • First of all - the first year annual fee is FREE!!!
  • Subsequent years annual fee is waived with just RM30K spending (which is reasonable for a Visa Infinite). And with Alliance Bank Privilege Banking, annual fee is waived (and from what I gather from Alliance Bank Privilege Banking webpage - it is FREE with Privilege Banking, please triple confirm this if you do not spend more than RM30K/year).  
  • You earn 5X Evergreen Reward Points for overseas transactions.
  • You earn 2X Evergreen Reward Points for local transactions.
  • Enrich Miles Conversion equivalent to 1 Enrich Mile for every RM1.20 spend overseas (1000 Enrich Mile = 6000 Reward Points).
  • Updated November 2015 - You need to spend minimum RM150K/year to get FREE access to airport lounges for the following year!!!
The 5X Reward Points for overseas transactions kind of offset the overseas conversion fee that we use with our credit cards. If you don't understand what I mean by this, let me explain to you. ALL credit cards charge us a fee of about 2% - 3% whenever we use our credit cards overseas. But with the 5X reward points, we do get back some meaningful returns when we redeem for cash vouchers.

However, like I mentioned there are pros and there are cons with every credit card. The thing with Alliance Bank is that their customer service is lacking far behind Maybank's customer service. Well, actually lacking behind all commercial bank's credit card customer service. They don't offer 24 hours customer service and no TOLL FREE number to contact them.

From my experience using Alliance Bank Visa credit card, their overseas conversion rate is always higher than Maybank's Visa credit card.

Update November 2015 - Effective 26th October 2015, all existing cardholders need to spend RM150K in 2015 in order to be eligible for FREE limited entries to airport lounges worldwide. If a person really spends RM150K/year, it would be more beneficial that he/she go sign up for the Maybank 2 Cards Premier and earn much more Enrich Miles or KrisFLyer Miles or Asia Miles!!!


Last year UOB launched their Visa Infinite where it offers limited entries to airport lounge with the Priority Pass Membership Card (6 times a year). And at the same time, Privilege Banking customers who qualify are invited to sign up for their PB Visa Infinite which comes with UNLIMITED access to airport lounges with the Priority Pass Membership Card.

So what is good about the UOB Privilege Banking Visa Infinite? Here are the pros-
  • First year annual fee waived.
  • Subsequent years annual fee waived with RM50K spending.
  • You earn 5X UNIRINGGIT Reward Points for overseas transactions.
  • Enrich Miles Conversion equivalent to 1 Enrich Mile to RM1.20 spend overseas (1000 Enrich Mile = 6000 Reward Points).
  • TOLL FREE Customer Service number.
  • And last but not least, you get the Priority Pass Membership Card that grants you UNLIMITED FREE entries to 600 airport lounges worldwide. (Effective March 2014, it was reduced to 12 times a year).
Once again, with 5X Reward Points for overseas transactions, it kind of offsets the overseas conversion fee. And once again, there are cons-
  • Only 1X UNIRingggit Reward Points for local transactions.
  • Overseas conversion fee higher than Maybank's Visa credit card.
  • UNIRinggit are not everygreen.
Update March 2014 - UOB Privilege Banking Visa Infinite title as the Ultimate Airport Lounge Credit Card, awarded by me when they first launched the card, has been revoked since it now only offers 12 times FREE entries with the Priority Pass Membership Card. 


SCB was the first to issue the Priority Membership Card that grants UNLIMITED access to Airport Lounges coupled with their Visa Infinite. BUT now it is the worst premium credit card for airport lounge because effective October 2013, the SCB VI only entitles you to 2 FREE access to airport lounges worldwide. Even my Platinum Alliance Bank offers me unlimited access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge.

The Pros of the SCB Visa Infinite are:
  • First year annual fee waived.
  • Second and subsequent years annual fee automatically waived with RM10K spending.
The Cons of SCB VI are:
  • UPDATE October 2013 - You get the Priority Pass Membership Card but effective October 2013, the SCB VI PPMC now only entitles you to 2 FREE entries to airport lounge. Time to go cut this useless card in half.
In the above benefit list, you may be thinking that I missed out the 5X reward points for overseas spending right? Well, it was left out intentionally and I will now tell you why.

SCB has one of the worst reward program in terms of using the points earned from using their credit card to redeem for stuff. For example, you need 43,000 reward points to redeem 1000 Enrich Miles. So even with 5X reward points for overseas spending, it works out to be 1 Enrich Mile for every RM8.60 spent overseas! All I can say is the SCB VI is only good for entering airport lounges and nothing else because it makes no sense to use SCB VI overseas (or even locally unless you get a discount). The SCB VI definitely does not deserve the award of being the best airport lounge credit card.


When Citibank launched their PremierMiles Visa Signature credit card, it did come with the Priority Pass Membership Card which grants two free access to airport lounges. But this is no longer the case (i.e. no more PPM card); and, I am sure many are pissed off and would terminate their Citi PremierMiles soon.

Now only the Citi Prestige credit card offers the Priority Membership Card, but with a big difference, i.e.  UNLIMITED access to airport lounges worldwide. However the Citi Prestige World MasterCard Elite earns the card holder miserable 1X and 2 X points for local and overseas transactions respectively. Pros of the Citi Prestige MasterCard are:
  • Swipe 3 times overseas to qualify for free taxi ride from KLIA.
  • UNLIMITED access to airport lounge with the Priority Pass Membership Card.
  • Personal Accident Insurance when you purchase air-ticket with the Citi Prestige. But seriously, smart travelers would get themselves travel insurance  which covers medical and hospitalization from third party instead of relying on insurance policies offered with credit cards.  
And the cons of the Citibank Prestige are:
  • 1X point for every Ringgit spent locally.
  • 2X points for every Ringgit spend overseas. And with 7000 Reward Points = 1000 Enrich Mile, this works out to be 1 Enrich for every RM3.50 spent overseas.
  • No first year annual fee waiver. You've got to pay RM1K for the welcome gift.
  • No auto annual fee mechanism, therefore you need to go beg Citi yearly for annual fee waiver. And if you're willing to pay RM1K annual fee in order to have the Priority Pass Membership card to gain UNLIMITED access to airport lounges, well, I guess you are damn freaking filthy rich and not wanting to get the same benefit for FREE.
  • No Toll Free Customer Service number. Damn kedekut - you pay RM1K annual fee and you have to pay out of your pocket again (or misusing your company issued phone) when you need to contact them.
Like I said, I like FREE things, don't you? So why would you pay RM1K annual fee for the Citibank Prestige in order to get the Priority Pass Membership Card to access to airport lounges?  The Maybank Visa Infinite, Alliance Bank Visa Infinite and UOB Bank Visa Infinite offers auto annual fee waiver mechanism with certain spending condition.

Now, I have been using credit cards for a very long time, and from my observations, Citibank DOES revise their card benefits very often, not necessarily for the worst but definitely not for the better. For example, initially one can enter LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge with the Citi PremierMiles Visa Signature but they took away that benefit and from this year onwards, they removed the Priority Pass Membership Card feature and replaced it with FREE entries to a few selected airport lounges in few countries. So if Citibank decides to withdraw the Priority Pass Membership Card in a few years time, don't be surprised.

The Ultimate Credit Card for Airport Lounge

SCB Visa Infinite use to be the only Ultimate Credit Card for airport lounge but this is no longer the case. Effective 1st October 2013, I have categorized the  SCB Visa Infinite as the worst Premium Credit Card in Malaysia because besides only offering 2 FREE access to airport lounge, it has the worst reward redemption program in Malaysia.

And if you had read my article My Bragging Rights and My Credit Card Collection 2013 where I gave the link to it at the start of this article (click here   now so that you don't miss it again), I have in that article mentioned what I thought are the best credit cards for different usage and needs. I will once again reiterate here part of that article on the subject of which credit cards grants you FREE access to airport lounges (without spending a sen with the credit card, well, at least for the first year):

Premier/Privilege Banking Credit Cards.
  • Alliance Bank Visa Infinite 
  • UOB Visa Infinite P (Revised March 2014) - 12X FREE Access to Airport Lounge Worldwide. By invitation and need to spend RM50K for Annual Fee waiver.
  • SCB Visa Infinite - Effective October 2013, the SCB VI only offers 2 FREE entries to airport lounge. Don't even bother with this card if you ask me since it has one of the worst reward redemption program in Malaysia.
Premier Cards based on annual income qualification.
  • Alliance Bank Visa Infinite (Revised) - Need to spend minimum RM150K/year to be eligible for FREE access to airport lounges. Annual Fee waived with RM30K spending.
  • Maybank World MasterCard- Unlimited Access to Airport Lounge Worldwide. Annual Fee waived with RM120K spending.
  • Maybank Visa Infinite gives 5 Free access Airport Lounge Worldwide. Annual Fee waived with RM50K spending.
  • UOB Visa Infinite (Revised January 2015) - 4 Free access to selected Airport Lounges nationwide and Singapore.
  • Citi Prestige World MasterCard Elite - Unlimited Access to Airport Lounge Worldwide. No annual fee waiver feature!!!
  • AmBank World MasterCard and Visa Infinite FREE FOR LIFE - Unlimited Access to KLIA and other selected airport lounges worldwide subject to minimum spending overseas. Click here to read VergonDC's review. 
Platinum Cards for KLIA - Unlimited Entries and AF waived with nominal spending/swipes.
  • Alliance Plat (for Privilege Banking and Personal Banking customer only), Citibank Platinum Visa (not the Cash Back Platinum which is a "low class" Platinum) Citibank PremierMiles Visa Signature and AMEX
When Citibank first introduced their PremierMiles Visa Signature, it offered unlimited entries to LCCT and KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge PLUS a Priority Pass Membership Card that allowed 2 FREE visits to airport lounge worldwide. Then after a year or so, they removed the unlimited FREE access to LCCT; and then after another year removed the benefit of the PPMC card and replaced if with unlimited entries to selected airport lounges (LCCT was never re included into the list). Better go check Citibank website and see for yourself if the "selected" airport lounge is of any use to you. So, Citibank does revise their credit card benefit(s) periodically and don't be surprised if they remove the free access to selected airport lounge altogether in a few years time.

As for HSBC - please note, currently there is a promo (means NOT A STANDARD CARD FEATURE) where HSBC Visa Signature and World MasterCard are also entitled to Unlimited entries to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge. But as usual, since it is a HSBC Promo, you better click here and go read the Terms and Conditions! Below are parts of the Terms and Conditions:

The complimentary access to the Lounge is limited to the first 15,667Eligible Customers only on a first come first serve basis throughout the Programme PeriodEach Eligible Customer is entitled to one complimentary access of up to 3 consecutive hours per day only (“Privilege”). Any subsequent access on that day and any access exceeding the 3 hour limit will be subject to applicable charges by the Service Provider for access as listed at the Lounge.

*This number has been reduced to 12,974 as at 3pm on 19 April 2013 due to partial utilisation by HSBC Premier World MasterCard Credit Cardholders since commencement of the Programme from 8 January 2013

So from the above, not including HSBC Visa Signature cards, approximately 1000  entries are being exhausted by HSBC World MasterCard users per month. So with HSBC Visa Signature card users coming into the picture, you think how long it will take before the quota is fully used up? If you ask me, don't waste your time getting the HSBC credit cards (and begging for the Visa Signature annual fee waiver) for entry to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge but instead get the Alliance Platinum Credit Card where it has been offering Unlimited Free entry to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge for years as it is a standard card feature.

And since that I have mentioned HSBC Visa Signature, I want to share my experience with you guys where I had to call and beg them for the annual fee waiver:

In the month of May I called HSBC Visa Signature Premier Credit Card Toll Free and press 2 for BM so that I speak to a Malaysian My Visa Signature annual fee is due this month I asked if I will get the auto annual fee waiver and the girl told me yes since I swipe more than 12 times. I was keeping my fingers cross and hoping they don't impose me the annual fee when the actual anniversary date arrives. While on the phone told the girl to redeem my points to pay the RM50GST.

Well, I got back from Melbourne in late June 2013 and checked my latest HSBC statement and they charged me both the annual fee and GST!!!

So, I called them up and explained to the person on the line that I called up n May and I was informed that my annual fee will be waived since I swiped more than 12 times. She then gave me some excuse that they experiencing high call volume and someone will call me back between 3-6pm to attend to my complain. So, I said what rubbish, I want the annual fee waived immediately since I had confirmation in May that it will be waived. I was then transferred to another person and she confirmed I did call last month on the annual fee waiver and requested that the GST be offset from my points. She said that my annual fee will be waived. So I said I will deduct RM650 from my Statement Balance and she advise me to pay the RM600 annual fee and later they credit back. Once again I said NO. I want it waived immediately and she said OK.

Anyway, the person on the line did say that my next year annual fee will be waived with 12 swipes. I am seriously considering cancelling my HSBC Premier Credit Card before my card anniversary next year; if they continue to have this stupid policy of charging us the annual fee first and making us call them and beg for the annual fee waiver. Why can't they just keep to their word that the annual fee will be auto waived with 12 swipes???!!!

The only good thing about the HSBC Premier Visa Signature is that I get Toll FREE line, so there is no cost on my part to call them.

And I am pleased to inform you that on 3rd July 2013, I logged into my HSBC online account and noted that both the annual fee and GST have been reversed/credited into my Visa Signature Account.

KLIA 2 (revised) - including other types of cards.
  • AMEX Kris Flyer Credit Card - Unlimited entries. And since it is a gold card, I would guess the annual fee could be waived with nominal spending.
  • AMEX Plat CC - Unlimited entries. AF waived with certain amount of spending. 
  • Alliance Privilege Banking Debit Card - FOC with unlimited entries but subject to monthly quota allocated. So far last year managed to enter LCCT lounge everytime with it.

RHB Credit Cards.

And for your further information the RHB Visa Infinite, RHB Visa Signature, RHB Platinum Credit Card and RHB Premier Banking Debit Card - each of them grants a total of 4 combined FREE entries to all Plaza Premium Lounges in Malaysia airports. 

The RHB Platinum Credit Cards are FREE with RHB Premier Banking; but it is imperative that you make sure you apply using RHB Premier Banking application form in order to enjoy FREE FOR LIFE annual fee without needing to spend a single sen with it. As for the RHB Premier Banking Debit Card, there is an annual fee of RM50 but it can be waived when you fulfill certain conditions. I will share a "secret" with you, by flashing your RHB Premier Banking Debit Card to the person dispersing the Q number at any RHB Bank branch, you'll get to jump queue and be served by the next available teller.


Both the American Express Platinum Charge Card and Credit Card also grant UNLIMITED FREE access to KLIA and LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge.

AEON Gold Credit Card (Update January 2014)

The AEON Gold Credit Card does grant you 6 FREE entries to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge and check out my article The Best Credit Cards for Overseas Spending 2014 if you do perform online on in person overseas transactions.
Hong Leong Bank Visa Infinite (Update January 2014)

Hong Leong Bank has two versions of the Visa Infinite, one is the standard Visa Infinite and the other with a P. Both cards grants you 4 FREE access to airport lounge for the first year. However, for the second year onwrds, you need to spend RM100K and RM300K with the HLB Visa Infinite and HLB Visa Infinite P respectively to be eligible again for the 4 FREE entries.

Click here to read my article Hong Leong Bank Visa Infinite - First and Last Look before you go apply for it thinking it offers superb Enrich Miles conversion for local and overseas spending.


The Maybank Visa Infinite now comes with UNLIMITED entries to Plaza Premium Lounge nationwide in addition to the 5X FREE entries to airport lounges worldwide with the Priority Pass Membership Card.

Click here to read my comprehensive review of the Maybank 2 Cards Premier - The Best Credit Card in the world!

For more discounted offers, please visit the below direct link:

UPDATE JULY 2015 - Please click here to my FREE ENTRIES TO AIRPORT LOUNGES WITH CREDIT CARDS PAGE where I have listed most of the credit cards that allow us to enter KLIA or KLIA2 or Worldwide airport lounges. 


These free entries to airport lounges with credit cards only interest kedekut people like me who fly with Air Asia or Economy with other airlines; because, for those who fly Business Class or First Class, they don't care about this feature since they get to enter the airline lounges for FREE anyway, hahaha.

There are several airport lounges at KLIA 2 including 3 Plaza Premium Lounge. Want to find out which credit card grants you FREE entries to the 3 Plaza Premium Lounge at KLIA 2? Click here to my article titled FREE Plaza Premium Lounge Entries with My Credit Cards.

Click here to read my article on Maybank Visa Signature. The Maybank Visa Signature offers UNLIMITED FREE entries to Plaza Premium Lounge within Malaysia. And Supplementary cards get to enter for FREE too!

If you are into Enrich Miles, click here to read my article where I will show you which is the best credit card for Enrich Miles conversion. And by redeeming Enrich Miles with our reward points using the right credit card, we can boost the cash back we get from credit cards to 2 digits, YES xx% cash back. If you do travel overseas like less than 5 times a year, I strongly recommend the Maybank Visa Infinite (click here to read my review) which grants you 5 FREE entries to airport lounges worldwide. And by reading this said article, you may just want to thank me personally for saving/earning you money and get to understand why I am promoting the Maybankard Visa Infinite for FREE.

Click here to my article Visa Infinite - Alliance versus Maybank versus UOB. Is a freaking long winded article but for your easy reference I summarized the comparison in a table.

Some of our credit cards entitle us to discount when we book hotel room with Agoda or Hotel-Club. Click here to read my article Online Hotel Bookings with My Credit Cards. In this article I compared third party online hotel bookings sites versus hotel direct sites. And I will also show you that I have earned USD160 credit with Agoda.

Click here to my article titled New Credit Cards 2013 in Malaysia where I did a review comparing CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum MasterCard versus Citi PremierMiles American Express versus Citi Prestige MasterCard Master Elite versus Hong Leong Bank Wise Visa versus, RHB Visa Signature vs. Standard Chartered Bank WorldMiles MasterCard.

Click here to read My Bragging Rights and My Credit Cards Collection 2015. Plus you get to see my collection of Premier, Priority and Privielge Banking Cards. And how I "saved or earned" RM100K from my Maybnak Credit Cards.

To find out the best of the best credit cards in Malaysia 2015, click here to my Credit Card Ultimate Showdown 2015 and see if your current credit cards are in my Top 10 list, if not it's time you go start with applying for the Maybankard  2 Cards.
And click here to find which are The Best Cash Back Credit Cards Combination 2014 To Earn You More FREE Money. This article will show you how you can optimized your cash back returns from you monthly spending in RM500 increments up to RM7K/month. And if you are looking for the best credit card for Petrol too.
Update December 2014click here to read AmBank World MasterCard Review by VergonDC, my first Guest Columnist where he will show you that for non-online overseas spending, the AmBank World MasterCard is way better than Maybank Visa Signature. And the AmBank World MasterCard annual income requirement is similar to Maybank Visa Signature, i.e. minimum RM100K. But best of all, the AMBank World MasterCard and Visa Infinite are FREE FOR LIFE without any conditions. Not only is the AmBank World MasterCard FOREX conversion lower, it offer better return of 2.5% pure cash back versus 2% with the Maybank Visa Signature when redeeming for cash vouchers. Plus the AMBank WMC and VI also grants you FREE entries to local and overseas airport lounges with a condition that is easily achievable.


  1. Thanks yet again for the informative compilation :)

  2. Hi, I'm going to Shenzhen on an early morning 0635 flight later this month. I was thinking of trying the LCCT lounge and had my brother search for it when he went to the airport last week, going overseas. But he later told me he couldn't find it?!!

    I have a Maybankard 2 Platinum Card, and was thinking of going to the airport before midnight.
    1) My cc qualifies me a free entry?
    2) Where is the lounge? Any picture?

    Thanks a million.

    1. Bro,

      1) MBB 2 Plat does does allow any free entry to any airport lounge, i.e. zip, nil zero FREE entry.

      2) Did you not read what I written above? Please refer to 2nd paragraph where I specifically mentioned that there are two Plaza Premium Lounge at LCCT.

      3) FREE entry to airport lounge with credit card(s) only allow 2 hours usage and after that you may be charged.

      4) I can't remember the operating hours of the LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge. I don't know what time they close but if I recall correctly, the PPL inside the LCCT departure hall only opens at 6am.

  3. Hi bro, im using this cc, it does mention in their website, ,
    But i never use it.. Should i give it a try?

  4. Hello there,

    Thank you for such an informative post. I have two credit cards that will entitle me lounge access and I will be traveling with a guest. As mentioned above, your excess credit card entries were able to be used on non-cardholder guests as well? How would you go about explaining this to the Plaza Premium lounge staff? Do I just show them both my cards and tell them I have a guest with me (hence using up both CC entries)?

    Sorry for being long-winded. And thanks again!

    1. Hi Vanessa, Yes - just pass to them both cards and tell them one entry per card and they will then proceed to print out two slips (one for each card) where you need to sign both.

      We do not need to explain, more like just ask. As in most situation - no harm in asking for freebies (got to be thick skin like me lah), worst answer you can get is a NO; but if it is a YES, we get some benefit(s).

    2. Thank you for the affirmation. I can almost rest easy now. :)

  5. Hi, RHB just discontinue their free access to ppl!. going to chop/cut/terminate/burn the cards.

    1. Bro, thanks for the update. No need to go chop/cut/burn your RHB Card, Just terminate and keep in your drawer as souvenir, hahaha.

      Please update any new info at my new main blog or message me at facebook.


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