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Below contents are considered history and don't waste your time reading them!

Since FD rates do fluctuate and banks having promotions frequently nowadays, I thought no point of starting a new blog just for FD since past history rates are immaterial to most of us. Therefore, I will update the latest and current Fixed or Time Deposit rates offered by Malaysia banks and the best fixed deposit interest rate promotion in Malaysia here in this PAGE called FIXED DEPOSIT. I recommend you bookmark this PAGE and visit this blog constantly for the most comprehensive latest and current fixed / time deposit promotions in Malaysia.

Malaysia Major Commercial Banks and Foreign Banks Fixed Deposit / Time Deposit Rates as of October 2014.
Bank - FD rates for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Click on the bank listed below to go to the bank's relevant site on rates. 

Affin Bank -  3.25%, 3.3%, 3.40% and 3.7% (Revised 18/7/14)

Alliance Bank - 3.15%, 3.2%, 3.25% and 3.3% (Revised 21/7/14). FD Gold 12 months 3.40% (Interest paid monthly).

AmBank - 3.15, 3.2%, 3.25% and 3.35% (Revised 18/7/14)

Citibank - 2.95%, 3.10%, 3.10% and 3.20%  (Revised 17/7/14)

CIMB Bank - 3.15%, 3.2%, 3.25% and 3.30% (Revised down 7/10/14) 

Hong Leong Bank - 3.05%, 3.1%, 3.2% and 3.30% (Revised 16/7/14)

HSBC Bank - 2.90%, 3.10%, 3.15% and 3.25% (Revised 16/7/14)

Maybank - 3.15%, 3.20%, 3.25% and 3.30% (Revised 16/7/14)

OCBC Bank - 2.90%, 3.00%, 3.05% and 3.25% (Revised July 14)

RHB Bank - 3.15%, 3.20%, 3.25% and 3.45% (Revised 18/7/14)

Public Bank - 3.15%, 3.20%, 3.30% and 3.35%. PB Golden 50 Plus 12 months 3.45% (Revised 16/7/14)

Standard Chartered Bank - 2.95%, 3.10%, 3.15% and 3.25% (Revised 23/7/14)

UOB Bank - 3.05%, 3.10%, 3.10% and 3.30% (Revised 18/7/14)

The highest over the counter FD rate for 12 months is by Affin Bank at 3.7%.

The Best and Highest Fixed Deposit Promotions in December 2015

Please call the nearest bank to reconfirm the rates (go to the bank website to get the contact number of the branch nearest to you) before going to the bank to check if promotions are still valid.

Alliance Bank Fixed Deposit Promo - until 31 March 2016

Minimum deposit RM25K

4.25% - 6 Months
4.35% - 9 Months

AmBank Fixed Deposit Promo - Ends 30 November 2015
Mnimum RM10 for individuals. Open to companies too.

6 Months - 4.25%
24 Months - 4.6%

AFFIN BANK Fixed Deposit Promo. Valid until 31 December 2015.
Minimum Fresh Fund RM10K

4 or 5 or 6 Months - 4%
12 Months -4.2%

If you have money deposited with Affin Bank and it is maturing, best you talk to the Service/Operation Manager and you may be eligible for 4.2% for 12 months without needing to withdraw the fund that is maturing and go deposit elsewhere and then return to Affin Bank.

CIMB Fixed Deposit Promo - Ends 31 December 2015. 
Minimum Fresh Fund RM10K.

3 Months - 4.10%
6 Months - 4.20%
12 Months - 4.30%

Hong Leong Bank Islamic Banking - Promo ends 31 December 2015.

The Promo says open a HLB Term Deposit - i to be rewarded with higher profit rates. However, if you read the terms and conditions, existing customers are also eligible.

6 Months - 4.05%
12 Months - 4.2%

Hong Leong Bank Fixed Dposit Promo - 31 December 2015.

3.4% - 1 Month NO CASA
3.95% - 3 Months NO CASA

4.23% to 4.28% - 12 Months with CASA

Check out HLB, Festive Promo they are offering 4.5% for 6 Months effective 14 December 2015 until 31 January 2016. Minimum deposit RM10K.

MACH by Hong Leong Bank - same as above.

OCBC Bank -  FD Promotion until 31 December 2015. Minimum Fresh fund RM10K

6 Months - 4.3%
12 Months - 4.5%

UOB Bank FD Promos - until 31 December 2015.
Minimum Fresh fund RM10K. Effective 1 November 2015.

3 Months - 4.15%
6 Months - 4.2%
12 Months 4.4%

Please check with UOB on latest promo rate as they are known to revised without prior notice. If you compare UOB FD Promos versus AmBank, CIMB and OCBC, UOB rates are not competitive; therefore, I expect UOB to revise their promo rates soon.

And if you have a UOB maturing soon, and too lazy to go transfer your funds in and out, talk to your Relationship Manager as UOB have Retention FD Promo Rates which are slightly lower than their Promo Rates. Once again, make sure you talk to the RM before your FD matures.

MAYBANK Step Up Islamic Product - Effective Rate 4.5% for 12 months. Valid until 30 November 2015. Non PIDM.

Until 30 November 2015 or until quota is reached, you can get 4.5% effective rate with Maybank Islamic Mudarabah General Investment Account-i.

However please note that Maybank stipulated that the rates may be revised if there is any change to the OPR and that this product is not covered by PIDM.

A FD fan messaged me at facebook to inform that Maybank is also offering 2 months step up promotion. 1st month 3.80% and 2nd month 4%. I called my RM to reconfirm and was told the promo is valid until end of November 2015.

Another benefit of having Maybank Premier Wealth status is that your Maybank Relationship Manager may be able to give you their Promo Rates without you needing to transfer your maturing FD i n and out.

PUBLIC BANK 6+6 MONTHS TERM DEPOSIT PROMO Valid until 31 December 2015. Need to have Savings or Current Account.

Also check out Public Bank 4 Monhts FD/TD Promo if you need shorter duration:

RHB BANK Fixed Deposit Promo.
Minimum RM10K

4.2% - 3 Months. Valid unitl 31 January 2016.

4.4% Effective Step Up - 15 Months until end March 2016.


However, for those of you who are not into Fixed Deposit Promotions and or don't have the time keeping track of what is out there, check out Bank Rakyat's Deposit Account i "interest rates" which are very good and most time better than FD Promos!!! However, it has been reported that Bank Rakyat's dividend rate can be lower or higher than that stated in their website. So call their nearest branch to you for their latest dividend rate. And please note that your deposits with Bank Raykat are not eligible for PIDM.

To note, Bank Rakyat's website states that for deposits more than RM5K, you may be entitled to monthly dividend, so check with them on this. Also please note, many members at LYN reported that the monthly dividend was not be credited into their accounts automatically; but they had to call Bank Rakyat staff and remind them to credit the "profit" every month!!!

For more discounted offers, please visit the below direct link:

MAYBANK Q-CASH FUND - Updated on 25 March 2015 with link to my article on Q-Cash.

For those of you who wants really short term deposit, i.e. less than 1 month. Go check out Maybank Q-Cash Money Market (similar to REPO).

Fund Minimum deposit RM50K

The Fund is suitable for Qualified Investors:
who have low risk tolerance;
who seek a regular income stream from their investments;
who wish to obtain a yield exceeding the Maybank Overnight Deposit Rate; and/or
who have very high liquidity requirement.

You can set the number of days you want your money in the Money Market Fund or just let it sit there until you want to withdraw. However, the cut off time for redemption request shall be at 10.30 a.m. on a Business Day.

To learn more about Maybank Q-Cash and the interest I earned for 7 days and 24 days deposited into it, click here to my articled titled A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That - Volume I, Chapter VIII.

GenX GenY GenZ:

Many banks are once again offering FD Promos where you can get effective interest rate of 4.5% for 6 months and 12 months. HLB Festive FD Promo offering 4.5% for 6 Months is really really good. You will need a HLB CASA for the interest to be credited BUT you do not need to deposit any money into CASA to enjoy 4.5%

Since November, Maybank has been offering effective 4.5% for 12 months step up for their Islamic Product FD BUT the "interest" rate is not fixed but subjected to Overnight Policy Rate. Well, this is not new, Public Bank has been practising this too for their Term Deposit promos for the last few months; because, Public Bank promos are also Islamic Banking products.

Like I mentioned above for Affin Bank, if you have FD maturing with them, best you go talk to the Service/Operation Manager and see if you are eligible for their promo FD rates without needing to transfer your funds in and out. Actually, the banks are really stupid to make us withdraw our funds and transfer elsewhere and then return to them to be eligible for their FD Promo. Instead of returning to the bank, we just go deposit with another bank!

For those who don't have the time to chase after FD Promos, you can always go with Affin Bank rate 3.7% interest rate for 12 months. 

For those of you new to fixed deposit, sometimes the banks will offer step up interest rates AND also may impose the stupid condition where we need to deposit x% into CASA. And the banks will mislead you by stating the effective interest rate for the FD step up portion only and ignoring the amount required to be deposited into CASA when they calculate the effective interest rate. Always go calculate the effective interest rate yourself (and if you do not know how to do it, better you don't go for FD Promos) and most probably you will find that these step up FD promotions are wasting our time as it works out to be lower than Affin Bank's board rates.

Click here to read my latest article titled GET MORE FREE MONEY WITH THE RIGHT FIXED DEPOSIT PROMOTIONS. This article was written with the intention to benefit those who are new to Fixed Deposit Promotions and for serious FD Fans to earn extra money from discrete FD Promotions.

And if you want to know the quickest way get Fresh Fund to be eligible for Fixed Deposit Promotion without even leaving the bank where you are withdrawing your matured FD; click here to my article titled A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit of That - Vol1. Chapter IV. In this article I will show you how to be eligible for FD Promo with fresh fund if you have a Current Account with Over Draft Facility (to be on the safe side). And the transfer fee may cost less than what your bank impose for a Banker's Cheque. Updated for new GIRO timetable showing cut off time for same day transfer.

Click here to my article titled A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That - Vol.1, Chapter VII where I will tell you the pros and cons of Certificate Type FD (e.g. HLB and MBB) versus Statement Based FD (e.g. OCBC and UOB). And after reading this article, you may only want to go with Certificate Type FD and not Statement Based FD or vice-versa. Also, I will tell you why you need FD, actually lots of it, instead of having many properties which are not liquid in order to prolong your life. What you can do to get funds to pay your mountain high hospital bills that prolong the life of your liveless boy that lays in the Intensive Care Unit. And because I highlighted the cons of Statement Based FD, I may have unintentionally taught an evil child how to con his parent(s) hard earned money!


Click here to read my article Spending Children Future Inheritance so that you are brainwashed to gather as much fond memories for your old age and you not needing to try and dig yourself out of the grave to stop your children happiness.
To read my article - The Best Savings Account in Malaysia for Children, Parents, Adult and Grandparents too - click here to Malaysia Best Savings Accounts.


  1. Thanks so much...Any Idea for FCA (Foreign currency Account) Fixed Deposit?

  2. jason, sorry got no clues on FCA.

  3. hi GenX, very useful information.

  4. Thanks KL. Just as a reminder, please sign up as follower to comment. Noted you Like it :)

  5. Hi Genx, thank you for your time for these useful information.Could u also provide which banks with the convenience of internet banking?

    1. Fung, most if not all commercial banks now offer internet banking. But if you asking about FD offers for internet banking, check out frequently AmBank, Maybank and MACH by HLB. Most FD promos you have to perform the transaction over the counter.

  6. Hello Genx,

    I am Deaf blogger like to thank for your information which is very useful! I planned to put RM 10K in FD, and won't withdraw it until 2016/2017. Which is one best FD bank you suggest for me?

    I think want to put Affin Bank for 3.6% (12 months) only, no need to make new saving account.

    Please advise me :)
    Selina Wing,

    1. Hi Selina, firstly I am allowing you to advertise your website and blog even tho you did not sign up as my follower. I still reserve the rights to delete your comment.

      Yeah, for convenient sake, just go with Affin Bank if there is one nearby.

      Say if HLB is nearest to you, they are offering 3.5% for 12 months (Islamic FD). So with RM10K, that's a difference of RM10/year only.

      However, if you were to go with Bank Rakyat where they are offering 4.25% for 3 years, you'll be earning extra RM65/year or less than RM5.50 a month. So if Bank Rakyat is like really convenient, you can also go deposit there.

  7. Dear GenX,

    I love all your articles especially credit card, saving account, fixed deposit account. It helps me, make my finance lil bit better.
    Thank you!

    A quick question, I have RM20k to park, should I put into FD or insurance-investment? Which one has higher outpay?

    Desperately digging extra bit money to get foods and a roof to survive.. and enjoy life : )

    Thanks in advance to sifu.

    1. Dear aik, sorry for the late reply as I was overseas as mentioned in my last article dated 31 October 2013.

      As to your question insurance-investment or FD has higher returns, I can't answer because FD rate fluctuates with time. Moreover, they are completely different products. One thing about FD is you can withdraw anytime you want whereas insurance-investments your funds may be stuck until maturity, And there are like a million different insurance investment schemes out here but FD is FD. Seriously, I am in no position to advise you on how to invest your money; but, if you need someone to teach you how to spend money faster and going broke, I am an expect in burning money, hahaha.

  8. Hi GenX, I am generation Y, hehe. Many thanks for your very useful website which I have just come across this morning. I learnt a lot from your blog. Really thanks man. :)
    I have a question though. I plan to save my money in FD, and I am undecided whether Affin or Hong Leong MACH or Bank Raykat is better. At first though I prefer MACH, because it is online, offers highest yearly FD rate (4%) compared to the other two banks, and nearest to my house. But I currently do not own any account in Hong Leong bank. Am I eligible to apply for MACH?

    If I need to open an account just for MACH, then perhaps I will switch to Affin (I also dont have any account there, hehe)

    1. KC L, I am glad to know you appreciate my FREE Tuition, hahaha.

      As for opening FD accounts with HLB MACH, Affin and BR, well you can open with all of them if you want! All you need to do is bring your NRIC and of course your money (can be cash or banker's/personal cheque payable to yourself, i.e. your name. If you want to transfer money via GIRO, you may need a Savings Account with that bank).

      Young people like you are into online stuff and as such MACH was designed by HLB to attract customers like yourself. And since MACH is nearest to you, just go sign up with them even if you don't have a HLB account. And by you dropping by a MACH booth (they are in shopping malls and even KLIA2), you will be able to find out more on how to deposit money and what you need to do in order to sign up for Online Banking.

      Just go try out each bank and with time you can decide yourself which bank suits you better, in terms of time and procedures.

    2. Thanks again GenX. You're really resourceful. You've cleared my doubts. Yeah I will go find out from HLB soon. By the way I believe you don't mind me sharing your blog with my friends right? hehe.

  9. Hi GenX.,I just want to thank you for your updated information on your blog. It has been very helpful.

    May i seek your advise which bank should i consider for a senior citizen 5 year tennure with better interest? Thank you.

    1. Jas, I've never bothered with 5 years FD; therefore I can't really tell you. Moreover, very seldom commercial banks offer Promo FD for more than 2 years. However, you can always nego with the banks and get slightly better interest rates on top of their board rates. And I'm sure you are well aware that most commercial banks Senior FD pays monthly interest credited into Savings Account.

  10. Awesome and very informative . Keep it up !


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